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Services by a ISO consultant:

A ISO consultant should be able to plan, organize and facilitate the project activities, interpret how the ISO standard applies to the organization, help identify and document your applicable processes, recommend process improvements, introduce benchmark practices, impart customized on-site training to the various functional levels within your organization, and conduct internal audits. He/she may also help you develop the entire documentation, depending upon the internal resources you have available to you.

Credentials of a ISO consultant:

Be careful in checking out the consultant's credentials. The following list of criteria will be ueful in making this evaluation:


As you are implementing a management system, you need a consultant with a management system background. A good quality management system consultant should at least have college level education and preferably a graduate degree. Majoring in management sciences would be a bonus.
Training and professional development:
Check whether the consultant hold (or had) Lead Auditor certification through RAB/QSA, IRCA or similar recognized organization. These trade related specialized credentials and activities will demonstrate the investment that good consultants makes towards sharpening their skills and experience.


They have more years of Consultancy experience in a variety of industries and more importantly, relevant experience in your specific industry sector. A consultant with good interpersonal and communication skills will be the objective, pragmatic, perceptive, tactful and flexible in dealing with personnel at different levels of an organization.

Availability and access:

The consultant will provide the consulting time (days) which will be needed within the budget and time-frame you have and be reasonably easy to contact when needed.

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