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save energy and moneyISO 50001 will provide public and private sector organizations with management strategies to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve energy performance. The standard is intended to provide organizations with a recognized framework for integrating energy performance into their management practices. Multinational organizations will have access to a single, harmonized standard for implementation across the organization with a logical and consistent methodology for identifying and implementing improvements.

ISO 50001 includes informative annexes TMC will give guidance on how to implement the Standard requirements and a table comparing the requirements of ISO 50001 with other ISO management system standards.

The standard is intended to accomplish the following:

  • Assist organizations in making better use of their existing energy consuming assets
  • Create transparency and facilitate communication on the management of energy resources.
  • Promote energy management best practices and reinforce good energy management behaviors
  • Assist facilities in evaluating and prioritizing the implementation of new energy-efficient technologies
  • Provide a framework for promoting energy efficiency throughout the supply chain
  • Facilitate energy management improvements for greenhouse gas
  • emission reduction projects
  • Allow integration with other organizational management systems such as environmental and health and safety.

Worldwide application of this International Standard contributes to more efficient use of available energy sources, enhanced competitiveness, and to reduce greenhouse gases emissions and other related environmental impacts. This International Standard is applicable irrespective of the types of energy used. “This International Standard can be used for certification, registration and self-declaration of an organization’s EnMS. It does not establish absolute requirements for energy performance beyond the commitments in the energy policy of the organization and its obligation to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements. Thus, two organizations carrying out similar operations, but having different energy performance, can both conform to its requirements. “The document is based on the common elements found in all of ISO’s management system standards, ensuring a high level of compatibility with ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management). The organization can choose to integrate ISO 50001 with other management systems such as quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and other.

Our Professional Consultants will help organizations to:

  • Develop documentation system and policy for more efficient use of energy
  • Fix targets and objectives to meet the policy and maintain the system
  • Use data to better understand and make decisions concerning energy use and consumption
  • Measure the results
  • Implement ISO 50001  individually or integrated with other management system standards.

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