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information securityConcern over information security has risen in recent years and this coupled with recognition of the value of information to an organization along with best practice has led to the development of a management system for Information Security – ISO 27001.

The standard helps organizations ensure business continuity and minimize business damage by preventing and reducing the impact of security incidents. Identifying, controlling and mitigating these risks allows organizations to function effectively and reduce security incidents, which can have serious financial and business implications.

The ISMS standard is suitable for any organizations, in any sector, but is particularly suitable for those sectors where information is sensitive and critical such as IT, public agencies or finance as well as those who manage information on behalf of others.

A certified ISMS can help assure customers that their information is secure and protected.

Benefits of an Information Security Management System

Customer Assurance and Credibility - Increased customer confidence that your organization is able to manage and protect their information.
Company Perception - A means to differentiate your organization from competitors who may not have the same approach to risk mitigation.
Financial Benefits - Loss of information can be costly and security breaches are bad publicity for organizations. Information itself may include financial or other similar data with direct financial implications.
Legal Compliance - Registration indicates to authorities that the organization complies with all current legal and statutory legislation.
Employee Awareness - The certified ISMS will raise employee awareness of security issues and their responsibilities within the organization and reduce the risk of security breaches.

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Whatever business you are in, we will be happy to advise you on the most cost-effective route to ISO 27001 registration.

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